Out in the Bush with Julie’s Orchids!

My dear best friend moved to Perth Australia a few years back. I plan to visit sometime soon I hope. Anyway, Julie has become the all knowledgeable orchid specialist lately and is growing her youtube channel. I suggest clicking this and going to follow her. Here is her latest upload….. (Claps and smiles).

Out in the bush with Julie.

I have 4 orchid plants of my own and have learned so much from Julies recent videos so I hope you will check her out and click that subscribe button and follow her. My speciality is tropical houseplants. I don’t know everything but my poinsettia plant is now a huge shrub in a big pot taking up my dining room table LOL.

My poinsettia.

I need to get my youtube channel going soon and it is nothing but WYSIWYG! What You See Is What You Get. So GO FOLLOW JULIE and also follow this blog too! Hats off to Julies Orchids!!!

This orchid is mine and the blooms lasted 4 1/2 months!

Please FOLLOW this blog for more stories of my past and present. My thoughts are my own but I hope that they resonate with you too. Please hit the follow button in the widgets footer.

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