Roe v Wade Overturn and Women’s Rights. Listen Carefully!

The overturn of Roe v Wade this past Friday is a serious danger to women and young women. Young women as young as 10 or 11 years old… little girls who develop early are in serious danger now. This danger of not having access to womens healthcare through Planned Parenthood and life saving procedures is a serious back step to the evolution of society as a whole. We have gone back to the 1800s with this catastrophic overturn.

Abortions will be unsafe now or women will have to travel far and wide to get to another state in order have what they need. Pregnancies will be held secret and women will be going missing for periods of time to the people around them for fear of being called out… pregnant women will feel like and be treated as criminals. We will not have the God given right to make decisions over our own bodies. Our bodies are not ours anymore. They belong to the religious right and the government.

In many states life saving abortions will be illegal and punishable to us and the doctors who practice.

Good question from this status update. Privacy. How will the state governments find out if one is pregnant and/or you got an abortion? Will the religious right in society turn you in? Will your church protect you? Who is going to protect you now? All of us have no safety now. Where will all this go now? What is next? A Handmaids Tale?

So it seems to me that many southern states are taking advantage of the Roe v Wade overturn immediately. What will happen now? Underground Railroad type systems for women to get them to other states for abortions secretly and safely? President Biden said he will protect us if traveling….. uhhhh that’s a great thought but there are religious right whack jobs out there who will get to us first.

Women’s BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS are taken away. The basic human right of privacy is taken away. The right of safe healthcare is taken away. THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE IS GONE. Men can still do as they wish, they can take viagra, they can rape and molest, they can leave, they can contribute NOTHING to the pregnant mother and get away with it. They can disappear if they want and still rule over women. Women are now 2nd class citizens again.

How about a new law put into effect to keep men accountable?

This overturn is NOT about babies. This is actually far right extremists and religious organisations who are tax exempt by the way to try to take over this country of America and how are they doing it? By controlling half the population. Controlling women under the guise of “save the babies.”

If it were actually about saving lives and saving the unborn child these people would actually care about children after birth. But they don’t give a flying F. Overturning Roe v Wade is only about the control over women. At this point in time guns have more rights than women. Yes I said it.

Christianity, guns and control over women IS THE AGENDA.

People need to look back at everything Hillary Clinton said. It’s ALL TRUE!

Ominous Warning!

Listen carefully!

Trump made up scenarios and his following believes him to this day. The voice of reason has had a def ear. If Hillary had been president like she deserved to…. we would not be in this mess.

Look I am not the best writer and I am aware that the tense of this post flip-flops between women and I…. But I am going to leave it. These are my thoughts and I am sticking to them.

I am worried for what is next to come. We have Roe v Wade overturned and 2nd amendment rulings in a short amount of time….. what is next you may ask? It’s fine for the gun toting conceal carry but it is not for woman’s basic human rights. How F-ed up is that?

You can keep your conservative christianity and narrow-minded beliefs because they do not and should not be mixing with church and state.


I hope my blog will be a safe convening place for all women and please leave comments and helpful links that will help any woman in need. We need to band together in this time. VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER!!!!! Vote these asshats out. When I find more helpful information as I find it I will add it to this blog post. If this is the only way I can help you (since I reside in the UK as of recently) I will do my utmost best with this blog. I am an American and British. I have a deep love for my American heritage and the rights of ALL WOMEN and their healthcare and reproductive rights.

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