How to enhance EVPs for FREE

I have always wanted to record EVPs. I finally got a good voice recorder that’s affordable, the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-852. There is a newer one I was not aware of the WS-853 but hey that’s ok. You can look for it on Amazon or the Olympus website. It was going for £80 on a ghost hunting site but I found it for £40 I think on Amazon. It will suit my needs just fine and it’s super EASY to use and will connect to your computer via USB and uses AAA batteries.

Sorry about the dust everywhere. The UK is terrible for dust for some reason.

Anyhow, the software I am speaking about I found by accident when I was searching info on enhancing EVPs on Youtube. When you go to the link make sure to look to the right hand column and download for your system of choice and I downloaded it for the Mac.

It’s called WavePad.

You have a 30 day free trail. At that point you can purchase it or you can delete it and download it again for another 30 day trial. Here is the video I found. Thank You screamfreak79 for putting out this video I really appreciate it.

This is very easy to use.

Now I am off to go play with it. I hope this helps you too in your paranormal investigation.

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