Erwin Saunders in the woods with Pixies

It is so nice to see Erwin back in the woods doing what he does best. If you will remember I made a blog post about him over a year back wondering where he went. That post has gotten this blog quite a bit of exposure and rightly so…. If you are interested in the wee folk at all and can appreciate the art of searching for them this man is just who you want to follow.

Like I said in that last post this is some Henson/Disney level video making skills. Whether you believe in pixies and fairies or not this is just the Youtube account you want to go follow so hit his bell and subscribe buttons ok? He was gone for awhile and posted about him wondering where he went and if anyone knew anything…. Where is Erwin Saunders? So go check that out and read the comments ok?

I think we all have a quiet yearning inside ourselves to be able to communicate with the wee folk and be able to see them. Erwin Saunders channel helps our creative minds do just that. His personality and gumption are a complete treasure… Go on to his channel ok? Here is his latest video and I suggest that you watch all his videos in chronological order from oldest to newest.

A screen capture I edited in Photoshop purely for display purposes for this blog.

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