My Thoughts on Spying Software.

Did you know that there are tons of different sorts of spying software on the market today? Many of them are toted as security for parents while their kids are online. This is more preferable to application monitoring companies rather than these applications being used on computers in an unknowing fashion against someone since that is a FELONY to do so. I would say at least half of the users putting these on computers are being dodgy and spying on their partners.

I know parents want to monitor their kids I get that. I also know CEOs want to keep track of their employees computer time as well… these are legit reasons to use them on the up and up. But please consider that these applications are also stealthily being snuck onto peoples computers by their husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends to see if they are cheating.

Spying software does many things all at the same time like… keylogging that saves all computer and online text. All social media, all blogging, all messengers IMs, email…. everything!!! It saves all keystrokes with remote monitoring on a secure account. Screenshots of the desktop screen can be set at intervals of however many seconds that are chosen. They record secret video through the camera with microphone access to see and hear the individual or be used as surveillance. They run hidden in the background and cannot be seen as an application in the app folders or on screen. They most likely are stored in a new folder that is hidden inside something else maybe with a discrete name that the spying person knows. (ie: Don’t name the folder something stupid like “stupid folder”). They can also be undetectable to anti-virus software as well. This keeps them safe snug as a bug hidden inside somewhere on the victims device nice and safe to not be seen too easily.

Another thing these apps can do is give the perp control over all applications on the victims system and block whichever ones they like. They can also see frequently visited URLS and block them if they wish to as well.

Privacy and right to privacy makes the use of these applications on an unknowing suspect and actual felony to do so. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself. Here is an example of a spying software Spyrix. Just take a look at all it does… These applications are not against the law in and of themselves. It’s how they are used which brings into question whether or not they are being used for good or dodgy, underbelly, spying shit.

How do you look to see if there is an app on your system? You can’t easily. Unless you accidentally see a folder open onscreen for 1 second because the perpetrator was a dumbass and forgot to close the folder down after checking when the victim was asleep. This is where the remote access comes in really handy for them instead of getting caught in the act with the victim seeing the folder and opening it and then DELETING that shit.

Here are some videos I found that might help you in your predicament. But by all means call the authorities if you wish to since it’s an automatic felony charge.

You do have a right to privacy and don’t let ANYONE take that away from you EVER.

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