World Domination with Meta

I am sure you have heard the news about Facebook rebranding to Meta or Metaverse.

He is trying to take over the world, the virtual world and virtual reality. The Metaverse for home, work, socializing and everything in between. Does he need to be stopped or do we embrace all it has to offer?

You might as well build your home office if you haven’t yet because it looks like everything will and can happen from home in your sweatpants. Everything can be virtual now and Mark Zuckerberg is first to take it all to real life. How and where will we pay for it when most of it we are doing already for free?

I still want to know where my spaceship is and flying car but hey we can do all this right from our chair. I want to tackle global warming and covid 19 but hey we now have Zuckerberg’s Metaverse. Will he own the metaverse and all that is virtually now? Or is he just rounding up a good chunk of it for himself cleverly disguised as something for all of us?


Image by Andy Meyer from Pixabay OUTSTANDING IMAGE!

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