My Favorite Soap is Dr Bronner’s

Our Earth and existence has always been important to me. When I was little I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders and I must say that even now at age 51 I STILL DO. So I hold Dr Bronner’s messages dear and they are written all over each soap label to get the word out. The website is full of all knowledge worth knowing and how you can help in saving our planet and ourselves. We are all one or we are none! Check the site out.

My favorite soap so far is the Hemp Peppermint. Follow the instructions when using it on your skin and hair. A little goes a long way and it should be diluted. I have actually used it watered down to wipe down my house and it smells like Christmas in here now LOL. I just love it and it is so calming and refreshing to smell.

It made me giggle when I found out that they were arrested for digging up the front lawn of FDA and planting hemp seeds LOL. My kind of people. It’s certified organic and fair trade. Let’s be kind to each other and the planet while being clean.

Uniting Spaceship Earth!!!

We can all believe whatever we want to as long as we are making the world a better place. Am I right?

Be your best self. Love your farmers. Buy local. Clean your house!!! Do your dishes. Wash yourself. Clean self, healthy body and mind, all in the name of mankind and our higher selves and personal God. Taking care of the earth, each other and ourselves is holy work. (If you want to look at that way!)

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