Minimum Wage in the USA is Homelessness!

😡TRUTH. (In the USA) $7.25hr x 40hrs wk= $1160.00 a month before taxes taken out. The average median rent starting around $1200.00 + … yeah starting around $1200.00 and up per month. And how about that monthly amount without any benefits of healthcare… try buying food and paying utilities with that AMOUNT OF MONEY. Try affording classes to better yourself to get paid more… thats not happening either. And this is just taking care of yourself let alone having kids or pets or family with you. Before you argue with me I googled these average median numbers they are legit.🤬 AND you will not qualify for public assistance for even food stamps because you are working. Also if you are on assistance people look down on you so you feel bad.

Never mind any of this in regards to the pandemic. Even with various different grades of pay according to where you live or what state or near what city, no matter how you look at it from any angle…. One cannot afford rent or a mortgage with being paid under $25.00 an hour.

Cannot afford rent anywhere in the USA

Money? What money?

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