Where is Erwin Saunders?

A friend of mine directed me to a YouTube account under the name of Erwin Saunders. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am most interested in the fairy folk and the possibility of there being other realms or plains of existence. I am most intrigued by Erwin’s videos …

Erwin searches the woodland areas in England ever so carefully catching glimpses of Pixies. Part of me says… REAL then the practical says CGI. But this man dropped off the face of the earth.. Where is he? Is he ok? What is he doing? Where did he go? If this isn’t his real name who is he? If it is CGI he has MAD skills like Disney/Henson level.

But, on the other hand….. If anyone does know him or knows where he is, PLEASE DO NOT give out that information. Just please tell him that he has A HUGE FAN BASE now. A great following of people on the internet have followed his YouTube channel and are wondering what happened to him. Someone even made a Facebook Community in order to find him or get his attention.

Click This to join the Facebook Community that is looking for him.

When you visit his YouTube channel be sure to click the videos tab then sort by oldest first so you can view these in chronological order for the full effect of Erwins story telling and adventure. He seems to be learning how to Vlog throughout and has captured many hearts in the process.

If anyone knows anything in regards to him please let him know that his YouTube account has exploded with subscribers all who desire MORE!!!! I for one am just dying to know what he is up to these days. I will forever more keep an eye on his YouTube channel.

I am adding the first two videos here to this blog and remember to watch them all from oldest to newest to see them in order.

Erwin Saunders YouTube

1st video
2nd video

Personally I am very happy to know that I am in the same country as he is. (I hope). Anyway I wanted to write this blog because I am a bit worried since the covid-19 hit us… it’s been about a year since Erwin made a video. Lets hope and pray he is well and ok but just very busy on adventures sighting pixies and fairies.

Screen-cap from the video I made with a magnifier for the sole purpose of a display image for this blog.

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  1. qcfrag says:

    His name is Paul Smith.
    He own the compagny ‘Busty Kelp’ as a Performance capture/ digital character artist.

    Here is himself promoting his skills on scoop.it
    Image: https://i.postimg.cc/hPXqypHJ/paul-smith.jpg
    Source: https://www.scoop.it/topic/algorithmic-design/?&tag=SoftimageICE

    This is his graphist portfolio on vimeo

  2. Peter gray says:

    He’s either in Wales the west country or the lakes ..or Scotland somewhere ..that should narrow it down …or maybe Ireland !!

  3. Carrah says:

    I wish to become his next apprentice.

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