Huff Paranormal and the Gabby Petito Case.

I have been following the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case day by day. It really makes me so sad to see such an angel of light has been snuffed out so horribly. Read more here…. To make matters even worse Brian is on the run and not to be found although the FBI and Dog The Bounty Hunter are on his trail. Day by day there is not much concrete news and people all over the world are talking, blogging and trying to get YouTube clicks.

I have been a paranormal investigator in the past and I am always internet sleuthing more and any paranormal happenings to feed my soul and mind. I accidentally found Huff Paranormal on YouTube today and Steve Huff works with a spirit box of his own making(voice imprint technique). Here is the video… enjoy!

I was captivated when I saw this. I don’t know how his box works nor do I know how legit everything is but my spirit says he’s good. Really good. Check him out. As for the Laundrie case at the moment I am angry that so many things were done wrong in the beginning like when Gabby and Brian were pulled over. Why did the police take the stance of Gabby being an abuser? She was clearly a victim and Brian was the classic smiling, calm, collected, narcissistic and pointing the finger away from himself. Meanwhile Gabby took alllllllll the blame just like a woman would do in her situation trying to calm the flames. She was afraid and all her demeanor showed it. She was distraught and needed help and the police didn’t help her at all and sent her on her way ALONE for the night. Why did they not call her parents? she was young only 22 and she was so upset.

I think Brian was abusing Gabby all the time as they traveled across the US. The person who called 911 said that Brian was slapping Gabby and they got out of the van and ran back and forth as he was slapping her and they got back in the van and drove off. Any marks on him were purely self defense on her part. The police KNEW why they were called and they did not help SAVE HER at all. I am so angry.

Here is a timeline of their trip. Many people around the world are researching and trying to solve this case as well as the #vanlife community.

Dog The Bounty Hunter has joined the search and the FBI. Brian could have avoided all this had he not taken off with the help of his parents. We all know they helped him even if there is no evidence yet. So he is showing MASSIVE GUILT.

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