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I spent 99 quid at The clothing looked beautiful and just my style. Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews first. This SPONSORED store on Facebook seemed to be legit. Not only that but they have 3 FB pages and counting. I reported all of them a few times for being a scam and FB is just letting them be there and be sponsored while many many people are getting ripped off.

Here is what I ordered and what I spent.

After I emailed them and showed them the transaction and proof via pictures this is their response and only paying me back some of the money.


9 Aug.Refund

+ $51.05USD

Here is what I got in the mail….

So it is 3 items wrong and 1 item missing. Even that black dress you see here with the ugly yellow marks on it was super bad quality and the bottom hemline was not even there just straight-ass cut fabric. All the sizes were supposed to be 3XL. But they are clearly XS. Extra small with tags that say 3XL.Everything is of terrible quality like they were made in a 3rd world sweatshop by children no doubt.

I have seen comments now by other customers who say the same thing and shared their pictures as well. They too were sent random literal garbage clothing worse than found in the garbage.

I am lucky I got any of my money back.


Report them as fraudulent. I have.

Here are Eimory’s FB accounts. You can see what they are selling and how people are being scammed by reading their comments.

It’s an utter shame this site is a fraud and scamming people because the pictures of the clothing are pretty. People want these things and Eimory is taking advantage and stealing money. IS A SCAM

Please beware and warn your friends. If you see this shop on FB please report all their pages. Search their name and see how many pages there are and report them all.

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