Google Earth and UFO’s

Have you ever thought about seeing anything odd with Google Earth? I know old crimes and accidents have been discovered with it like the car in the lake and whatnot. But, have you ever thought about actually seeing a UFO with it?

I mean, how often is google earth imagery updated? Does it use the same images from a year ago or a month ago or is a constant real time thing? Because if you see something odd or unexplainable how legit is the image in terms of time?

I am sharing with you this video on youtube. I went and followed the coordinates and found the siting of a UFO from it. I marked out the address in the images because its not my place to share that. But you can just as easily follow along and go see for yourself too. I had to check it out to see if was legit and it is. Here are my Google Earth captures…

As you can see in the 4th image, the possible UFO is reflecting light from the sun and looks to be metallic. Also, there seems to be energy of some kind under it and a possible small ufo as well. Or maybe it is dropping something? This is Google Earth and NOT photoshop.

What are your thoughts? Here is the video and please take a look for yourself and you will see it too!

Have fun sky gazing and lets talk in the comments…. Have you found anything?

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