Thoughts on Amy Carlson “Mother God”

Amys spirit taught love. While her spirit was in this earthly body she was imperfect just like the rest of humanity. But she knew what the rest of us still need to learn and that is our bodies are a temple for God because we are essentialy in Gods image and are of God. She taught to the best of her ability that we all can be better and live in the light of Earth=Heart and Love Everywhere Present. She brought people together who want that and need that. We all need that and should continue to teach others.

What we believe in our hearts and souls is our reality so we need to keep it good and keep it of the light. Many people believe many different things whether you agree or do not agree about some of those things. Our words and thoughts create our reality and what we believe is our truth. It’s too easy to be negative and hate as well as demonise others who believe things that we do not. We need to brake away from that negative ego.

Humans are imperfect and sometimes down right stupid. Amys earthy vessel was imperfect and very sick in many ways because she was bursting with so much knowledge and truth of her own that she wanted everyone to know. Her earthy body was fragile and needed extra care hense her team around her to help. We as humans make mistakes and then rectify them the best we know how. Amy had a few illnesses that piggybacked eachother and made it hard for her to be what society deems normal. But she was a messenger here doing her best.

Why can we not just listen to the messenger and be accepting without anger and hate? Look we all self medicate for our own ailments do we not? She was in a lot of pain so she drank and did alternative remedies…. I bet you do too in some ways. We need to see the ultimate good in people and ourselves. We need to stop being hateful, petty, angry egos. We all have a hard time with this because it’s in our nature to be so.

We need to brake free and bring down the light into ourselves and be the best lightworkers we can. The world is going through a serious shift at the moment as you know and if we don’t let go of our terrible egos we are going to have a seriously hard time with the unknown happening.

Accept in love. Live in love. Love really does win. Are you living in love? Are you living in negative ego? WE CAN BE BETTER.

Please read this blog post I am sharing.

Amy Carlson “Mother God”

I am sharing this with an open mind. Will you read it and the link I am sharing with an open mind as well? How she passed and ascended was not ideal and it’s our human ego nature to want to punish I get it…. but listen, how we move forward from it all right now is very important.

Love and light. Namaste. May the spirit be with you.

Lets lift eachother up and live and be our best. Lets take care of people who need help and get help for the misguided who need it. Feel free to comment on this blog and lets talk it all out ok?

Disclaimer: My thoughts are my own and I am open minded. I am not “brainwashed” nor am I ill. I listen to what all others have to say and what they believe because what is unknown to me is fascinating and I am here to learn and be my best. I am most interested what others believe and how they got there. I have my own thoughts, opinions and beliefs and that is what this blog is for.

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