How to Crochet a Flower

Since I just made one of these I thought I would share it. I have written down the steps and stitches and included 3 videos from Myth and Yarn. Thank you for a great channel on YouTube!

How to Crochet a Flower

Slip st to make a circle
In the circle… 1 single crochet, 3 ch, 1 single crochet, 3 ch(there will be 8 flower petals.)
Slip st into the 2nd ch to close it up.
1ch then in the first space, 1single crochet, 1ch, 2 double crochets, 1 ch, 1single crochet. (Do only 5 out of the 8)
Skip next space then do another petal in next space
Skip the next and do another petal in the next.
2 spaces left so skip the next space and do the last petal in the last space.
(There should be 5 petals)
Slip st in first single crochet of the first petal.

Second Layer of Petals.

1ch then flip the flower over. (See the 8 spokes.)
Slip stitch down and underneath the spoke under where you are, 5ch.
1 double crochet under the next spoke, 2ch, *(do 5 times 1 on each spoke)
Slip stitch into 1st chain,
1ch then flip the flower over.

1single crochet, 1ch, 3double crochets, 1ch, 1 single crochet. *(do in all the petals, there are 8 petals)
Slip stitch into first petal.

Third Layer of Petals

1ch turn the flower around
In first spoke under the hook slip stitch then 6ch
1 double crochet under the next spoke.
3ch, 1 double under the next spoke, 3 ch *(do all the spokes)
Slip stitch into 1st chain.
1ch then turn the flower around.

1single crochet, 1ch, 4double crochets, 1ch, 1 single in each chain paces *(Do all the petals).
Slip stitch into 1st single crochet to finish the flower. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

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