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The Cosplay of Being Poor is a Thing.


This is a new topic for me today when I came across this video. When I was in college back in the early 1990s it was chic to be a starving artist. I think it is for all college students unless you are actually really struggling financially FOR REAL. This whole idea of “upscale homeless” leaves a bad taste in my mouth… (goes to sip my coffee).

Celebraties worth millions and billions ~(living down, upscale homelss, the van life and cosplaying poor) are actually doing this and not having any stigmas or backlash that REAL HOMELESS and poor get everyday really makes my head hurt. I mean I understand the whole need to live incogneto when you are rich and famous but to actually take it to this extreme is actually counter productive to the whole “American Dream” that everyone aspires to.

Don’t get me wrong though, it is safer to not flaunt your wealth out in public, but why live in a way that you don’t have to just because it’s a fad? I know fully well what it’s like to be poor and I will never live that way if I don’t have to ever again. My sort of incognito would be a classy minimalist with upcycling antiques and plants… I would never live in a super crappy roach infested home and wear rags if I were rich, hell I won’t even do that now. I have style and class.

Anyway this is a great topic of discussion and I wanted to write about it and see what you all think.

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I have always loved thrift store and antique shopping with stepping back in time. But if I had the means of living the American Dream I would and not sacrifice it for a flippin fad. Just my personal opinion because you all know I have those. LOL.

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