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I have heard stories of how the angels from heaven fell or were cast out. They fell so far down that 1/3 fell to the Earth, 1/3 fell to the sea and 1/3 fell to the underworld or Hell. I have heard that some fell to the air as well. The fae world and all the different species of it are what the fallen angels turned into even mermaids. Some believe that UFO’s are also part of the fallen… including spirits and ghosts and anything unexplained to us.

This all leads me to believe that we all are related and all of us are from the same place. Only for these reasons of how they all fell is it possible that we all are NOT on the same plains of existence and only sometimes do we encounter them or they us. Actions and circumstances of LOVE is where the veil is so thin that they will reach through and help us in times of great need. Their appearance seems divine to us and magical, because it is.

We are all angel, divine, star stuff if you think about it. What is the other 90% of our brain for? Many people believe that it’s time for the awakening. I think that the awakening has something to do with that and our transition into the new earth. Will this earth ever be a heaven on earth? We need to become our higher self and all we can do is keep our minds open to all possibilities and do everything in love.

I am sharing this blog post because the experience it talks about is where there was some divine intervention and what form it took is most fascinating. I am also sharing a video as well that illustrates the stories I have heard in the past and why I think the thoughts I do.

Be sure and read this blog titled The White Light.

Much Love, AmandaMagick

Many thanks to Abby for sharing her incredible experience. It raises the really interesting question of how we define/categorise/label the ‘things’ …

The White Light

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Here is the story if the link does not work…

…”When I was pregnant with my son, my boyfriend (now husband) and I were driving behind my mom and siblings. We were moving our house again from Denver to our true hometown of Durango, Colorado.

night drive

We had a late start and had just driven over the last mountain pass to get home. It was about 1 o’clock in the morning and we were exhausted.

abby tale

I was riding with Matt in order to keep him awake but we were at that point that we were trying everything to keep on the road. 

After we passed the small town of Pagosa Springs, the road were dark super dark with only the stars shining down.

I don’t remember how it happened but I must have drifted off for a moment and bright white light shot through the car.

It was so powerful I could feel it move through my entire body like a jolt of energy.

I gasped awake and looked behind us but there was no passing car.

Matt looked at me and asked: “Did you see that?”.

I nodded my agreement and said: “I didn’t think you did too!”

About a minute later, my mom pulled the U-haul truck over and got out. We pulled in behind her and Matt asked if she had seen the bright light too. She said: “All I saw was you swerving. Are you sure you don’t need a break?”So not only did Matt and I experience this together, my mom who had been in front of us the whole time did not see it!


I’ve always believed in the Fae, but growing up in the US I never really felt close to them unless it was one of those places in Nature.

Durango has one or two places that feel “thin” as you described them and Georgia has many.

After living in England for a few years I realized that there are different feelings between the two countries.

The Good Folk here, feel different, more wild which might explain all of the UFO sightings that we have.

I have come to believe that “aliens” are the Fae, choosing to show themselves as science fiction depicts them and that is why they tend to show up in the Southwest where the nuclear tests happened.”

Abby – U.S.

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  1. a fascinating post Amanda!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it. Some of these topics I write about are close to my heart and maybe people won’t think I am crazy? Maybe they will but I don’t mind either way. Different truths and stories need to be heard now and then.

      1. only the best people are mad Amanda!! Pop by and visit my blog when you have a chance. I’ve been very lazy with it lately!!

      2. I will. I decided to start this new one for my own insanity LOL that is not virtual world related. Getting it going is hard but that Erwin Saunders posts has been a hand grenade.

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