Spirit Groups

I have always used this term. I thought I was the one who thought it up. I am shocked to see that this knowledge is known about and that I was always right. I firmly believe that spirit groups exist because I have known about it since as long as I can remember so it must be true. I never researched or anything so I will tell you about what I divinely know naturally and you will see that this opens the door to all kinds of truth that has been repressed or hidden by our regular mundane (10% of our brain) existence.

In my mind I have seen spirits traveling down through the sky with me for our new existence on this plain, on this earth. I have seen we all come here with other family and friend spirits from Heaven (call it the other plain or dimension, call it what you will, some call it 5-D instead of 3-D, Heaven or Source). I have seen that we descend here together with our spirit groups. This is why when you meet someone for the first time that you think you already know them. You do already know their spirit because they came here with you.

Your soulmate traveled here with you and maybe you have not met them yet right here on this plain. Maybe some of your family, friends even enemies traveled here with you.. it is a good possibility. Young souls won’t understand what I am talking about or won’t see what I am saying. I have always been told that I am an old soul. I don’t know how old but I do know that I naturally know things already.

I have always known that love and unconditional love are what we need to be living. I remember telling my X that this is what I need. Some people don’t understand what unconditional love is. Our pets know it… do you feel it from them? YES? That’s what it is. No strings attached, divine, natural love. Live this love and show it to all. We do not know who else is in our spirit group because we have not met them all yet. But when you do meet one YOU WILL KNOW IT.

So the term Spirit Group is not new to me. I have told this story online before decades ago… but this is the right time to talk about it now on this blog. Many people are awakening right now in different ways by different means. Do not ridicule what means someone is becoming awake. It happens in different forms. Some people will see their path to being spiritually woke differently than many others. We are not here to ridicule how someone sees what is coming…

Something is coming and some believe it’s the ascension. I am very open minded to what is coming. What I do know is that we need to open our hearts and live and love in love for all no matter what. Our spirit groups are what helped us to get here and our spiritual awakening living in love is what will get us to the next plain when it’s our time to go.

We are not here to hate and there are a lot of haters out there and I just hope with love that they find their spirit groups and their awakening for what I feel is coming… I feel it in my head and soul and sometimes have migraines from it and I am pretty sure some of my anxiety issues are due to what is coming as well. I believe that spirit groups are part of our beginning….. I am however unsure of what the end is but if it’s anything like the beginning with spirit groups… we can all sigh in relief and feel the magick and love all around us.

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