Hacked by Possible Amazon Insider

I can only think that this is an insider job. If it is not an insider job it’s a very strong hacker. I am leaning towards it being an insider.



If you have an Amazon account make sure you change your password and put on two factor authentication. Somehow two fraudulent orders for the same vacuum cleaner went through my amazon account and I was only notified by email for one of them. It has to be an insider job because both orders were archived so I could not see them right away unless I went into archived orders. Also they had to have put in my email then taken it out in order for me to not be notified for both. Both of them were a day apart. I have Amazon working on it and retrieving the orders then paying me back.


When this is sorted out I will then be getting this bank card changed just to make double sure. I wonder if more people are being hacked? (internally)? I AM JUST WARNING YOU ALL to go into Amazon and play it safe.

Photo by Saksham Choudhary on Pexels.com

Disclaimer: It is my personal opinion that it was an insider job.

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