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For the first time in years something happened. Lately for the past many months especially since lock down I have not slept well from bad dreams. Then to top it off I have been waking up first thing with terrible anxiety. This anxiety is like buzzing trembling jittering way deep inside my body that has me anxious as soon as I wake. Then the rest of the day is shaking it off.

So for the first time in months I slept like a veil or presence of calming mental and physical relaxation came down from above and laid over me and all immediate surroundings. Sort of like a blanket or energy field maybe some kind of divine hug was all around that induced my calm mind and easier less stressful dreams all night long. Not only that but I slept hard and didn’t move all night then woke really groggy after almost a 10 hour sleep. I had to get up and make coffee with blurry eyes. At this point all I can do is meditate or pray my deep felt gratitude and divine thanks.

At this time in all of our lives I think it is very important to acknowledge the higher. We are wading through all the negative low vibration energies and physical negative circumstances that we are choking on and suffering with. We all have these things around us and feel like all we can do is wait it all out. But I am here to tell you that we cannot wait and we need to spiritually act now.

Last night as I laid down I acted. I calmly prayed or meditated to God/Mother/Goddess/Gaia(name our creator how you wish to)…. I am very open minded about God. As I lay there I focused on God and gently asked for a deep comforting sleep with no bad dreams and no anxiety or stress, I asked to be able to wake up with no anxiety and to feel good.

I slept really well. This is my confirmation today that we do have an ultimate creator and what we need to do is acknowledge and be our best higher selves and to ask for help. In return I feel the need to give thanks and spread to others what happened to me with why and how.

What can you do to make things better and to help others? This blog is my way of reaching out and sharing. When something comes to mind I will share that too.

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If you need extra natural help with sleep like I do usually you may want to try some OTC supplements and herbal teas. Twinings has a few but look in the tea isle at the store. There are many brands and kinds as well as in the supplements isle you will find Valerian and Melatonin and the like.. Natural Sleep Aides.

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