OUIJA Board and Seances~A Back in the Day Story~

Back in the day when I was about 15 or 16 years old(1985 or 86) my friends and I were interested in the paranormal. We used to watch scary movies and talk about boys and Duran Duran. Among other things my body was changing and hormones were changing and I could feel energies very very strongly. Now that I look back on those days I realize that teenagers are energy beacons that draw in energies and things beyond the veil very easily like a bug zapper. Maybe not all teenagers but me and my 2 friends did. When I was younger even like 9 years old maybe 10 I used to go to my step sisters moms house for slumber parties with her and her friends and we used to perform seances that actually worked. It baffled my mind and we all loved it. I used to shake with excitement because it always worked. One of us would lay down in the middle then one or two of us on each side and one at our head and one at our feet. Two fingers from each hand we would put under the girl in the middle. We would chant “Light as a feather, stiff and board…..” over and over again then we would all stand up slowly and always the girl in the middle would float on top of our fingers… always… So as you can see while I was a child I was always connected.

By the time I was 15 I had a couple best best friends that I would confide in and we believed all the same things. I mean I had other good friends too but only 2 of them were my kindred spirit friends that did paranormal things with me. We felt things and saw things and had dreams… we would talk about it all. We knew that this plain of reality was not the only one. As children with our innocence and curiosity as well as puberty happening we were the perfect beacons of energies whether good or bad. I felt it all. We all felt it all. Like I said before it was almost like being a human bug zapper or neon sign buzzing drawing the unknown towards us.

Ok back to being 15 or 16 years old. At some point we saw a movie maybe or read somewhere (before the internet) that we could make a ouija board with little cut pieces of paper. So I made one… my friend made one first I think but what we did was this:

  • Cut little squares of paper and then put a letter on each one including a couple larger ones with the words Yes and No. (I don’t remember making numbers)
  • Arrange the pieces of paper into a circle while sitting at the table.
  • Put a shot glass upside down in the middle for the planchette. (I had one that I used for a plant in my barbie houses I used to make). Yes I went from making barbie houses out of cardboard boxes into summoning demons. We didn’t have the internet and video games.
  • Then would site around this homemade ouija setup and place our fingers on the shot glass and ask questions.

I remember back then the house I lived in on California Street(Urbana Illinois) was scary. I felt like there were scary spirits there and my heart would race. I could very well have been the one bringing them in now that I think about it. But I will tell you how I felt when we had our fingers on that homemade planchette.

While we had our two fingers lightly resting on the shot glass it felt like my arms were being lifted so that my fingers were barely touching at all let alone being able to actually move the glass. As we had our eyes closed and focused on our question and breathing deep to relax the glass would move slowly as we then opened our eyes to see where it was going. We would assure each other that neither of us were moving it…

Honestly I don’t remember what we would ask. But we were always amazed at our answers. It always worked often and if it didn’t I was relaxed anyway. I still can’t remember where we got that idea from to make our own… I suspect it was a movie maybe along the lines of this one? Maybe not I don’t know. As teenagers we knew beyond the veil was there and we wanted to know everything. Maybe it was this movie? I will watch it again and find out. But I suspect it was a movie that was earlier than this one or it was our overactive imaginations.

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Disclaimer: I do not recommend playing with any sort of OUIJA board. For many they are very evil and can draw in bad experiences even for the professionals. On the other hand they are marketed as a game since the civil war and here is some information on them if you would like to read up. OUIJA-Wiki.

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